The Sunday Summit® Series


Join Christine Kane Live

August 15th

at 10am ET / 7am PT

Join Christine Kane Live forThe Sunday Summit Series



The  Sunday  Summit ®

A unique ritual for your energy, mindset, and
productivity and hands-down, the most popular tool among Uplevel clients.

The reason many of us Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneurs struggle in our businesses is because of our incessant perfectionist judgy voices. The best way to shut them down is to just agree from the start that it’s going to be messy – and then jump right in.

After years of watching clients use The Sunday Summit® I’ve seen tremendous changes in just three weeks. After using the weekly ritual unshakable self-trust emerges and the shame that drives those scandalous mental voices is on the road to complete elimination.

Consider this your official invitation to join us for the first 3 Sundays in August to boost your energy, focus, and self-trust.


Here’s How it Works

The Sunday Summit® ritual consists of 9 simple yet powerful steps that walk you through reflection, insight, priorities, and intentions. We’ll meet for three Sundays and I’ll walk you through each step plus you’ll have time to connect with fellow Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneurs for accountability each week.

(Don’t worry, if you’re more of a lone wolf then walking through the process with me will be exactly what you need, just stay on till the end so you can close the ritual with me.)

  * IMPORTANT *   Due to the intimate and interactive nature of the summit, we will not be recording, so don’t miss out and block your calendar now. And even though this event is all virtual, plan to be present and uninterrupted for an hour.

The Sunday Summit® Series is about becoming unstoppable with real techniques and real results.

Join Christine Kane Live forThe Sunday Summit Series


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I'm Christine Kane

The founder and CEO of Uplevel You® - a coaching company that meticulously guides the growing class of idea-driven, highly-creative, aggression-averse entrepreneurs to their highest success. I take a Strategy-and-Soul approach to business - less focus on conquering the world; more focus on mindset, energy, and authenticity in building profitability - these methods have attracted more than 125,000 loyal subscribers to my list, as well as tens of thousands of paying members to our suite of online courses, live retreats, and select masterminds.

Join Christine Kane Live forThe Sunday Summit Series

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